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We at Fidelis have designed and implemented multiple successful Product LifeCycle (PLC) frameworks according to varying business goals and objectives.

While the schedule analysis addresses improvements based on your current PLC.

We will analyze your current PLC and engineering product development methodology with respect to your business objectives, skill sets, risk tolerance, and desire to effect change.

The goal is to offer PLC changes to optimize schedules, time to market, Product Management integration, business changes, maximize quality, improve resource utilization, and reduce late schedule burnout.

We do not recommend that any one PLC fits all situations. Depending on how you are organized, your product makeup (desktop, webtop, web service), company culture, and delivery timelines, the optimal PLC will be different.

We can advise you on how to transition an ingrained waterfall model to a more staged development, or Agile, model, what you can expect, with identification of normal pitfalls and how to address them. We’ve successfully migrated numerous teams while mitigating schedule risk from doing engineering a “new way”. The end results have always proved positive across the board.

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