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At the strategic level, outsourcing is an effective business strategy for staying ahead of the competition, while enhancing productivity and profitability.

From a management viewpoint, outsourcing provides employees with a higher level of skill and knowledge for basic office support functions, thus elevating the quality of work and freeing senior staff for more productive projects.

Taking an operational perspective, outsourcing creates exceptional flexibility, allowing you to adjust staff and operations to stay ahead of the market. Outsourcing also keeps you in the forefront of technological advancements in operational systems and equipment-increasing efficiency and responsiveness.

Our outsourcing models are designed to provide maximum flexibility, financial return, risk mitigation and strategic alignment. Our outsourcing models include:

  1. Onsite Delivery Model

    The onsite delivery model entails that our skilled professionals are deployed on the client's premises. We offer our customers with an option where our engineers are deputed at customer’s site to assist the customer with any or all stages of system development life cycle. Our engineers work as integral part of the customer’s own project team and offers valuable assistance and support to drive the project forward.
    The distinct benefits to the customer include:

    • Technology induction
    • Ramping up of manpower resources
    • for only the duration of the project
    • for a fixed price per month
    • at short notice
    • Allows the customer to free-up core resource for more creative tasks

  2. Onsite-Offshore/Hybrid Delivery Model

    Our Onsite-Offshore model combines the advantages of customer proximity and low cost to give organizations a business solution that optimizes competitive advantage. Optimal portions of the assignment are executed onsite. A Customer Manager provides the contact point onsite all through the engagement.

    2.1 Onsite

    Requirements gathering are acknowledged the world over as a key step in the lifecycle. This model enforces that this activity be done at the customer's facility. The result is that we get it right the first time. Project Plans spelling out the milestones/deliverables, Quality Plans detailing the QA mechanisms like reviews / walkthroughs / acceptance criteria are some of the documents that are prepared and finalised during this phase. Implementation and onsite user training ensures that all the good work ends with a 100% satisfied customer.

    2.2 Offshore

    Our offshore facility in India delivers software projects to time, budget and quality using appropriate technique, methodologies and tools. Apart from minimising costs, this helps to leverage the expertise available across the organisation. Healthy cross-team interactions on technical topics result in high motivation & productivity. Dedicated teams are set up and trained at the customer's facility if required. Processes, specific to each project, are defined and implemented by a QA team. Customers also benefit from the multi-technology skills available with us.

  3. Dedicated Offshore Development Centre

    Also known as Virtual Office (VO), dedicated offshore development resources are assigned to customer projects on a fixed offshore rate per person per month basis. This option is ideal for customers who would like to manage a remote development team without having to invest on additional infrastructure. This also allows the customers to keep development costs low and ramp up resources at short notice.

Having a development team offshore at preferred locations such as India enables customers to find quality resources in diversified skills effortlessly.  To add value to such a proposition, we take fullest responsibility of all Administration and HR related issues at no extra costs.

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