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At Fidelis, we find that an often much neglected or forgotten process is the efficient customer product problem identification and resolution. It is critical that a proper process balance is achieved between all support agencies within your company.

Do you find:

  • Call volumes too high?
  • High percentage of Customer Support calls being passed thru to Technical Support?
  • High percentage of Technical Support calls being passed thru to Engineering?
  • Inefficient Support problem solving?
  • Unsure of which problems to tackle first?
  • Product Engineering unaware of customer feedback?
  • Unable to efficiently get bug fixes back out to your customers?

The above issues are often due to poor communication, process, and resource allocation, between Customer Support, Technical Support, and Product Engineering. We will work with you to institute streamlined proven processes which will be measurable by you and your customers.

We at Fidelis have a proven track record of being able to:

  • Increase product quality
  • Lower call volumes
  • Reduce percentage calls trickling down from Customer Support to Engineering
  • Reduce engineering time needed for support cases
  • Increase overall customer and product satisfaction.
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