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Rationale - Business Problem

  • Publishing world is moving from print to web domain
  • Leading magazines houses wants their magazine to be present online also to capitalize on the increasing user base of internet
  • Using the same content on print and web is necessary and nobody wants to recreate the content again for different media
  • Media independent publishing is the requirement where content created once can be used on all media’s – Print , PDF, Web , Mobiles etc.
  • Extracting the content of the print magazines is the biggest challenge for all magazine houses
  • Extraction of the content in the best possible format which can be understood by any system 


  • Solution provided by Fidelis facilitate magazines houses to extract the content of their print magazines into XML format
  • All major world leading magazines are designed and published using leading publishing software like QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign
  • Fidelis provides Plug-ins for various world leading publishing software like QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign to extract  the content of magazines designed in them in XML format
  • XML format can be understood by any system and it is the most used format to share the data among various platforms and systems
  • Once magazine houses have the content of their magazines in XML format they can easily use that on various mediums like – Web , Hand Held Devices , Mobiles , Web Feeds, Archival purpose etc.


Monetization of the content

Once the content of the magazines is present in the XML format and easily available on the internet then the advantage of the cloud computing can be used for further monetization of the content already created in the print magazines.

Content can be reused on the internet and redistributed as various services to monetize on the same content.

Extensibility of the Solution:
  • Current solution provided by Fidelis for extracting content from print magazines can be extended for any workflow for an end to end solution
  • Current solution is developed for QuarkXPress and Adobe InDesign and can be extended for any other publishing software like PageMaker and others
  • We have capabilities to enhance the solution for an enterprise solution where we can integrate the solution with any Content Management Systems for further Syndication and posting the data on Web
  • Output XML can be customized as per the various structure of the different magazines
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