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“Solidify Product Installers & Simplify Product Installation Testing”

Installation Testing
Installation Testing is one of the most important parts of testing activities. Installation is the first interaction of user with our product and it is very important to make sure that user does not have any trouble in installing the software.
It becomes even more critical now as there are different means to distribute the software. Instead of traditional method of distributing software in the physical CD format, software can be installed from internet, from a network location or even it can be pushed to the end user's machine.

The type if installation testing you do, will be affected by lots of factors like

  • What platforms and operating systems you support?
  • How will you distribute the software?

In today’s shrinking product life cycles and software development iterations it is very tedious and futile to do the manual testing for regular builds of the software.
It is difficult to perform the installation testing frequently on all the supported platforms and flavors of the software and this gives a huge requisite for “Automated Installer Testing”.

Fidelis provides an efficient and cost effective solution for the “Automated Installer Testing” through its AITF (Automated Installer Testing Framework).

Fidelis AITF is an open source end-to-end solution for any type of installer of a product. It takes care of Blue Print Comparison and Installer Test Case Scenarios for the product under test and featured with lots of features like:

  • Automatic triggering of  installer testing on arrival of latest build on the build server
  • Automatic environment setup: Windows and Macintosh images creation on the automation lab machines
  • Automatic Test Suite execution for covering various testing scenarios like – UI, Silent install, default and custom installation etc.
  • Automatic Blue Print Comparison and results logging in database, this checks for the installed files on the system and entries in the registry
  • Result of the Test Suite execution are reported in the database
  • Same framework caters to any localized version of the product such as – Japanese , Chinese , French , German , Dutch , Spanish etc
  • Web based UI for viewing various reports of the automated installer testing data
    • Build-by-build comparison of the test cases
    • Pass/Fail of the test scenarios
    • Blue Print Comparison details
    • Installer performance across various builds
    • Email notification for the build pass/fail status

Please contact Fidelis to know more about AITF and for any type of your automated installer testing needs as AITF is customizable and we can tailor it according to your needs that are not covered in the existing features of the AITF.

“Solidify Product Installers & Simplify Product Installation Testing”

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